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Mission & Vision

Sparkle Freshness is a minority women-owned business. More often, we are referred to as the silent team member you really appreciate and never get to see. We take pride in our work and keep you informed so that you can excel at yours. Real-time continuous contact with our team specialist via talk, text as well as site-specific checklist will ensure that your direct questions, concerns, and special requests are relayed immediately. There's an issue you need to be addressed: our team will confirm and communicate with management. Management will confirm with the client within 24 hours that all concerns have been addressed and resolved.

Our Core Values

We’re not like everyone else. Our core values are Integrity, Honesty, Teamwork, Accountability, Doing The Right Thing and Being a Contribution To Others.

We are secret ninjas you never get to see but you know we’ve been there. We’re not in business just to be in business- our business is a catalyst for leadership, connection, purpose, and developing the mindset to live our best life. We freaking love people and love what we do!

We say elevating your environment and THE environment profoundly contributes to your own experience of well-being and living your best life.

What we see are businesses giving and contributing more to their community, the environment, society, and the world than they take. We see a global awakening where all of humanity is making their unique difference and changing the world.

We are leaders in a movement of significant change that impacts companies and the way we do business with love, joy, connection, inclusion, sustainability, care, and power.

We promise to always put ourselves in our client's shoes and do the right thing.

We promise that our mission is the heartbeat of our company and we are uncompromising about living true.

We promise working with us you’ll experience the SPARKLE EFFECT!

Our Experts

Our team consist of fully trained experts. All of our employees have a minimum of 2 years experience cleaning & disinfecting and have been personally trained by COO and CEO of Sparkle Freshness who are both CIMS Certified and CMI Certified.

Our Certifications