Mark Barneburg

Mark Barneburg is Chief of Operations at Sparkle Freshness Commercial Cleaning, and he works with business owners and facilities managers that want to work in a clean and healthy environment. He knows that there was a better way to provide a clean space to his clients without endangering their health and the health of the people he works with. He works tirelessly to provide extraordinary service and a healthy environment for his clients.

Mark is an avid surfer and ocean water sports enthusiast, and a father of two. He is passionate about being responsible for the natural environment around us and preserving it for future generations.

Mark holds an AS in Electronics and Computer Technology from DeVry University and worked in his early career for luxury brand hotels and as an Electronics Field Engineer for multimillion-dollar companies for over a decade, and saw that the processes that he learned to deliver great service in the electronics repair industry worked equally well to effectively deliver the services that Sparkle Freshness provides to his clients.

Mark believes that personal development is essential to deliver reliable business solutions, so he has sought extensive management and leadership training to ensure that his vision of extraordinary service is effectively communicated to the employees at Sparkle Freshness so that every employee is trained to give the same high level of service and performance. He also has multiple floor care certifications through ISSA and a passion for finding effective processes to ensure proper cleaning methods.

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