Nicole Herrera

Nicole is a Human Resources professional experienced in managing and leading the administrative function of HR, along with partnering with business leaders in an authentic, meaningful, and value-added way. With 10 years of progressive HR experience, she is passionate about communicating HR policies and best practices, along with continuously implementing process improvements, to ensure strategic alignment with the organization and to ensure an exceptional employee experience.

As Business Administration Coordinator, Nicole supports the running of our day-to-day operations. She touches all aspects of our business administration and keeps Sparkle Freshness focused on moving towards its strategic mission and goals. Utilizing her more than 20 years of administrative, client, and customer service experience, she directs her passion for overseeing organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

Nicole supports the business operations for Sparkle Freshness, including technical and administrative support to our valued clients and employees. Nicole and her husband Robert, are parents to three happy, very energetic children. They all love relaxing outdoors and playing outdoors. Living most of her life in large cities, she now loves living in the country where the family plants sweet corn, watermelon, and pumpkins for Halloween.

Before joining the Sparkle Freshness team she worked in air transportation, consulting, and manufacturing organizations.

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