Stephanie Barneburg

Stephanie Barneburg is the CEO of Sparkle Freshness, an innovative cleaning company that specializes in sustainability. Sparkle Freshness is a local family-owned and operated small business in Carlsbad, CA. Stephanie has also established the Jim Dunston Foundation, a nonprofit working directly with underserved communities to create jobs by improving the environment through cleaning, education, and mentorship programs. Her commitment to making global change is the reason Sparkle Freshness is taking the industry by storm. Stephanie is committed to Sparkle Freshness’ Mission of making the world a better place, using non-toxic chemicals, planting trees to offset their carbon footprint, supporting the community, and developing outcomes so that everyone across the globe has drinkable water. Under her leadership, Stephanie has also collaborated with businesses and communities to offset their footprint by providing educational resources and planting trees in their names. Stephanies’ dedication to the company’s mission is her promise to her children, her clients, her employees, and to the world.

Stephanie credits her early years working with Hyatt Hotel & Resorts as a Senior Front Office Manager for developing her strong work ethic and putting herself in the customer’s shoes. Stephanie would then spend 6 years in several management positions, including Regional Trainer with Fortune 500 companies. Stephanie spent 11 years with Bank of America as a Senior Mortgage Loan Officer helping individuals with their financial independence by assisting them in the pursuit of their dream of homeownership, with a focus on low-income areas. Stephanie created Sparkle Freshness when her needs were not being met in corporate America. Her passion for creating a better place to live while using non-toxic chemicals to clean came when her youngest son was born 3-months premature and his livelihood depended on his clean environment.

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