All year round your office exterior takes beatings from elements including harmful contaminants, dust, dirt, heavy rains, mold, direct sun, bird hits & droppings, ultraviolet rays, insects, acid rains, and pollutants from car exhausts. These all wear down the structural integrity of walls, roofs, and exteriors, in addition to discoloration, damage, and soiling.

You can not put a greenhouse-like cover to protect your office from all these elements, but you can certainly reduce the damage and clean the exterior to ensure its exterior structure. By periodically cleaning your office, you can improve its aesthetics, identify problems early, and keep your office a safe place for your employees.

Power washing services help clean the exteriors of the offices and buildings to prevent corrosion from the deposition of dust and other material over time. Most office owners get their offices power washed to safeguard health and investments.

Search power washing services near me and you will find Sparkle Freshness on top in your area. Choose the experts to get all the benefits of a power wash.

Before getting into why you should choose Sparkle Freshness, let’s get why power washing is the right service for your home and office building.

Benefits of Power Washing

  • Prevent Damage

The damage that the exterior of your office faces every day and night is harsh, to say the least. Dust, droppings, mold, garbage, and other elements get stuck into the grout and crevices of the walls. As time passes, they make the joints weak, wear off the paint, and cause leakages.
Leaving them untreated may lead to the formation of mold and other health and structural hazards. Power washing your office regularly can prevent the buildup of such problematic and unwanted compounds that can cause damage.

  • Maintenance Saves Money

If there is damage to the structural integrity of the office, it may cause too much investment on your part. If you defer repairs and maintenance, then the office equity drops dramatically.

Among all the maintenance services, power washing is one service that can help avoid costly repairs and even enhance property value. Make your dirty office look new, save on repainting costs, and find leakages earlier to save on large bills.

  • Prepare Your Office for Other Projects

If you want your Office repainted, or wish to add extensions to it, then also power washing can help you. Dirty walls can neither hold paint nor can they be used properly for support to hold the weight of the extensions.

So, if you are looking to repaint, refinish, or extend the exterior of your office, power washing should be the first step. Power washing your surfaces ensures that the new finish will hold well on them. It will also help locate any structural weaknesses that you can fix or avoid while extending the office space.

  • A Healthier Office

Dust, mold, and mildew not only affect the exterior appearance but are serious allergens. Any amount of these elements can affect your employee’s health causing sneezing, asthma, infections, or even poisoning. They are also the breeding grounds for insects like dust mites, mold spores, termites, and far too many germs.

Removing them by power washing can help you protect your employees and visitors from getting sick. The power washing services from Sparkle Freshness ensure that the most common pollen allergens like dust mites, pollen, and mold spores are washed away.

  • Increase Your office’s Curb Appeal

If you ever want to give your office a makeover, without investing too much into it, then power washing is the answer. When you pull into your driveway you would feel good to see a clean and well-managed office building. Your office is the pride of your business and the people working in it.

  • Increase Property Value

A well-looked after and well-maintained office building can easily get a premium over the adjacent properties of similar specifications. On the other hand, an uncleaned office building can find no takers. A power wash helps to remove dust & grime and can support even a coat of fresh paint without peeling or chipping. In no time office buildings would look new with better prospects of selling or renting.

  • Save Time

Other ways of cleaning or washing your office may require too much manual effort, scaffolding, and scrubbing. It may be the traditional way but that does not make it efficient or economical. If you want to get things done in less than a week, then power washing services is the best option.

  • Its Environmentally Friendly

While we cannot vouch for others, at Sparkle Freshness we ensure that all the cleaning materials we use are 100% environment friendly as well as non-hazardous. Our solutions and equipment remove the dirt from your office building without harming the environment.

We stand by our motto:

Your GREEN Choice for Commercial, Office, & Post-Construction Cleaning

  • Best Power Washing Services

You could either invest in a power washer or hire a team of expert professionals from us. Investing in a power washer could be a great idea if you can handle the equipment properly and can find time to do the job.

We provide services to all of North County and neighboring cities including Carlsbad, Vista, Del Mar, Encinitas, Escondido, Oceanside, and San Diego. So, if your office is in one of these neighborhoods, search power washing services near me and we are just a call away.

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