Walking into your office to find your floor all shiny and clean is one of the simple pleasures in life when you own a business. However, it is normal to get behind on the regular maintenance of the floor when you have so much going on in your day-to-day business. If you have a lot of employees or clients walking into your office it’s even more challenging to keep your floors stain-free and scratch-free all the time.

So, what can be done to make sure that the floors in your offices are well-protected? That’s where methods like reoccurring buff & wax come in.  These preventive measures will help prevent more costly floor care like floor strip and wax.

Buffing, and waxing the floor rid the floor of existing dirt and grease, eliminate the imperfections in the floor material, and protect the floor from scratches and dirt for a long time. With scheduled maintenance and renewal of these protections from time to time, you can make sure your floors are clean, protected, and ready to welcome you home with extra sparkle.

Now, let’s dig a bit deeper and look at the floor stripping, buffing, and waxing methods and see why they are so important.

Floor Stripping

Floor stripping is the method of ridding your floor of all the dirt and remaining old wax. People often get confused between floor stripping and scrubbing, but they are different procedures.

Scrubbing can remove dirt and some stain on your floor. On the other hand, floor stripping involves a machine containing specific solutions suitable for stripping that particular floor material. So, stripping will not be harsh on your floor, and it will quickly remove all the material leaving it to it’s original stone without a finish on it. Waxing is then performed to protect the floor and leave it with a nice gloss finish.


  • Every material is bound to last longer if properly cleaned, and floors are no different.
  • Regularly stripping the floor can help reduce the chances of damage from water and moisture.
  • Stripping also rids the floors from dirt, stains, old wax, and grease marks.
  • Floor strip and waxing services are complementary methods. So, you should always strp floors if needed before you can wax properly.

Floor Buffing

Buffing can be treated on VCT and most floors with a buffer solution. It rids the floor of any imperfection and brings back the luster of the material.

People often make the mistake of sanding their floors instead of buffing them. Sanding leaves the floor material looking dull and can even cause visible scratches. On the other hand, buffing will make the floors look shinier and smoother.


  • Buffing protects floors by treating the damaged and imperfect layers.
  • It also makes the floors look clean and shiny.
  • Buffing does not damage your floor at the time of application and adds an extra layer of protection. This increases the longevity of the floor material.

Floor Waxing

As the name suggests, floor waxing is the process of treating your floor material with extra coats of wax. These layers provide more luster and protection to the material of the floor.

The industrial wax used for floor stripping and waxing treatments in offices and homes is usually of very high quality. So, one waxing session with around 3 to 4 coats can keep the floors protected for 6 months to a year depending.


  • Waxing the floors regularly comes with several perks. It adds an extra layer of protection on the floor and increases sustainability.
  • The glowing finish of a waxed floor makes the room look brighter.
  • A smooth waxing treatment can efficiently rid your floor of all scratch marks and imperfections. With proper coating and regular renewal, you will feel like living in a new house even after years.
  • Floor strip and wax add to the grip of the polished floor. So, the chances of someone slipping and falling are effectively reduced.

Can we do floor stripping, buffing, and waxing on our own?

While it is possible to do it on your own, it might not be the smartest choice. Without the professional experience and equipment, it will take you longer to get the job done. Also, the process requires certain expertise and skills. So, if not done correctly, you will have to go through the hassle of redoing the whole process and waste both time and money.

Hiring professionals with good experience can get you the best results, and you will be on the list of satisfied customers. Sparkle Freshness team is highly dedicated and professionally trained for any cleaning tasks. We consider reliability, honesty, and integrity as our main motto. The team at Sparkle Freshness is the perfect match for all your Floor maintenance needs. Let us know your location and our team will be there at the scheduled time and date.

So, if you are looking to hire professionals, search for “floor waxing services near me”, and you will find us on the top. Get in touch with us, and our cleaning experts will assist you further with your service request. You can also visit our website https://www.sparklefreshness.com/book-now  to book the service with one click.

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