Construction work can be really messy. No matter how much of a clean freak or an expert in cleaning you are, post-construction clean-up can be tiresome. Especially not to miss the hidden grime that can overlook your finicky mind and lurk at those hidden creaks and nooks of your newly constructed place. You should hire a professional that is experienced in post-construction clean-up to avoid these head-spinning complications after you have just finished with the makeover of your dream home or those renovations around your workspace.

What is post-construction cleaning?

Post-construction clean-up refers to an in-depth cleaning of the whole premises or a building after its construction or renovation is completed and also covers the inconvenience of getting rid of debris, shards of broken glass, screws, dust & dirt, and old and useless stuff that might have been left behind from construction, the list is endless. We can make your place as spic and span and sparkling, just the way you want it.

This cleaning will mean an end-to-end scrubbing of the place, thorough cleaning of the walls, cleaning floors and stairs if any, both external and internal window cleaning, and presenting the building or the place to the owner exactly like he had dreamt off!

What do post-construction cleaning companies do?

post-construction clean-up

Post-construction cleaning companies can offer you a wide range of services that can be custom to your post-construction needs. Their services often include:

  • Cleaning entryways and hallways
  • Cleaning all cabinets and drawers inside out
  • Wiping down all walls, doors, trims and window sills
  • Cleaning countertops and sinks methodically
  • Cleaning and polishing fixtures and wooden floor
  • Thorough cleaning of bathrooms and fixtures
  • Cleaning of kitchen and all appliances
  • Plastic/Sticker removal from doors and windows
  • Cleaning every edge and corner including baseboards
  • Proper disposal of trash
  • Power washing of windows, frames and driveways
  • Addressing any safety issues and loose wires to the construction unit

Why do you need to hire a post-construction cleaning company?

after construction cleaning

No matter how much you think you can lend a hand in cleaning or want your in-house help to clean after rigorous construction work after construction cleaning can be quite a demanding job. Even looking around the mess post-construction can give you a headache. Apart from that, it can be quite a hassle to get your place rid of that excess of dirt and sawdust that is everywhere and we mean everywhere. This is exactly why you need a professional post-cleaning company to get yourself rid of those unnecessary hassles. Professionals can meet all of your needs for thoroughly cleaning your home after construction.

  • You get ample free time to do your real job: When you appoint a post-construction cleaning company you can save on your time and invest the same in something fruitful like designing your place in the way you have already dreamt of!
  • Time-saving: Hiring a post-cleaning service can save time on your part. You don’t have to spend those rigorous hours getting your place clean. Just hire a cleaning service agent and relax and save time for further more important jobs that you have.
  • Less hassle and exhaustion: Cleaning, especially after heavy construction work can be exhausting. It might sound easier than done because that heavy debris takes a lot of trouble to get rid of. Hiring a cleaning company leaves you with less hassle and exhaustion.
  • Thorough cleaning of hidden debris: No matter how much you think you or your in-house help can get the job of cleaning done, the level of thorough cleaning a place needs is too much post-construction. A professional team of cleaning services can give your house or office a thorough and detailed cleaning that you will probably not be able to, even with your level of expertise.
  • Proper Sanitization of your place: A proper sanitization of each corner of a place newly constructed is very important. A post-construction cleaning company can provide you with that without much ado.
  • No burden to get rid of those junk: There is no extra burden on your shoulders to get rid of those heavy junk. These professionals get this done in the blink of an eye, leaving your place clean and shiny.
  • No investment in buying cleaning materials: Imagine the number of cleaning products you need to buy to thoroughly clean your place after construction is done. The investment in buying that equipment and materials can be hefty. Professional cleaning companies come with the additional benefits of those cleaning materials that you do not need to worry about when you hire them.
  • No further damage to your newly constructed home: While cleaning is still manageable, in lieu of getting rid of those heavy debris lies a chance that your newly constructed place can get further damaged by you. You are not a professional to know how to toss them out so skillfully. Professional cleaners give you a hundred percent guarantee of no damage to your newly constructed place that comes within their service profile.

Construction work is always tiresome. No matter how small or large it is, by the end of it, the debris it leaves around your house or office premises is always an additional burden. The construction workers will build or rebuild your place but will never help you with discarding those scraps and junks post their work. This is exactly when you need a professional post-construction cleaning company to do that ultimate cleaning for your place and make it usable. If you are in dire need of some help with post-construction clean-up in Carlsbad, we at Sparkle Freshness assure you, that you will not regret hiring a professional. Just hire us and relax for that sparkling clean home you have always dreamt of!

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