Keeping your house clean and organized is a real struggle. Today, people lead super busy lives that include managing the office, taking care of children, keeping up with the recent trends, balancing their social life, and more.

With a jam-packed schedule, it becomes quite difficult to squeeze out quality time for cleaning your home. Therefore, more and more people are deciding to hire in-house cleaners or outsource cleaning services to reduce their burden and make their homes sparkle. Their end goal might be the same. But both will clean your house in very different ways. What are the ways both in-house and professionals use to clean your place?

So, which one is a better option? Hiring in-house cleaners or outsourcing professional cleaning services?

Come on. Let’s find out-

In-House Cleaning


Inhouse cleaning


Allergen-free and hygienic environment

Professional in-house cleaners are well versed in their cleaning services. From dusting and deep cleaning to routine cleaning, in-house cleaners will keep your home free from common household bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi. Enjoy an allergen-free and hygienic environment now. Make home a safer place for your children and family by hiring in-house cleaning services.

No more back-breaking chores

Vacuuming the entire house could be back-breaking, for sure. Phew! It demands physical labor and you cannot escape from it, right? In that case, a well-adept in-house cleaner can do it better than you. No more pain now!

You get leisure time for more important work

Time is precious. Once gone, you can never earn it back. So, invest your time into something more productive. Enjoy the work you are passionate about and take pleasure in doing a more important task that truly needs your time.


Lack of coverage

When in-house cleaners are on leave or get sick, they usually don’t have someone to perform their task. As a result, you end up doing all the chores on your own.

Lack of Privacy

In-house cleaners work consistently at your place or work even for long hours. The entry of a housekeeper in your small family can intrude into your privacy and this can be quite irritating. No one prefers an outsider to get involved in the personal matters of your family.


Yes, you guessed it right.  In house cleaners are not insured or bonded. So, if something breaks, you can’t hold them liable on the hook to pay for it unless it’s mentioned in your agreement. Moreover, if they get injured while working at your house, you will have to bear the medical expenses.

Costs and Resources

When you hire In-House Cleaners, you may need to time to screening and interviewing potential candidates. Secondly, you will be required to spend even more time and money training and educating them so that you get cleaning services as required.

Along with that, you may also need to purchase cleaning supplies and equipment. Don’t forget to consider the cost of logistics for maintaining that equipment. Right from ordering the chemicals to its disposal, you will have to add to the overhead of effort for your in house cleaner.

Gradually, heavy equipment like vacuums will also demand repair work and sometimes replacement. So basically, right from recruiting to training and maintenance you will have to monitor everything.

Professional Cleaning or Janitorial Services


professional cleaning services in Carlsbad


Cost Savings:

No more overhead costs now! If you hire professional cleaning services in Carlsbad CA you don’t have to pay all employment taxes and workers’ compensation. The cleaning contractor will be responsible for insurance, healthcare, and other similar employee benefits.

Cost of supplies:

When you outsource cleaning services, you don’t have to get all of the equipment and cleaning supplies. Everything will be bought and owned by the contractor. Moreover, professionals have modern tools and equipment that will leave no stone unturned in cleaning the corners and sliders.

Standard Procedures and Training:

Professional cleaning companies often have well-defined processes and procedures. The employees are professionals and have attended many hours of training. In fact, they have background checked so you can confidently hire them. You can expect punctuality and assured customer satisfaction.


Lack of flexibility

You can’t expect professional cleaners to change the time of your cleaning or give you an extra add-on. They already have a large operation and schedule at hand and therefore you get only what you book them for.


Professional cleaners tend to be more expensive than in-house cleaners because of the unmatched equipment they use and the cleaning solutions they prefer. Due to more overhead costs, cleaning companies tend to be costlier.

The Final Words

Despite the pros and cons of hiring a home cleaner or professional cleaners, you will agree that the cons can be ignored when you see the benefits and pleasures of life. Determine your requirements, know your constraints, find what you are looking for while hiring cleaning services, and then make the final decision.

So, now that you’ve realized which cleaning services are the better way to go, book an appointment with Sparkle Freshness today!

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