Moving out is a bitter-sweet feeling! It’s always difficult to say goodbye to a house that has been home for months or even years! Nevertheless, it needs to be done once the decision to move out is ultimate!

Many house owners require their tenants to return the house in a good, sanitary condition as per the lease agreement. In some cases, owners don’t even give the deposits back if the house is not cleaned properly.

While it is not possible to help someone emotionally in their moving-out journey, what we could do instead is make the cleaning process easier by sharing moving-out cleaning tips.

Before we begin, a small tip before tips would be to divide the cleaning into parts as we did it here:

  • Living Space Cleaning
  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning

Also, leave the Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning on the day of moving out since these places are used until the moment people leave the property.

Living Space Cleaning

Clean the Walls- Use a damp cloth to clean the walls; if the wall paint/ wallpaper permits, it will remove the stains that aren’t visible. Otherwise, cover the broom or mop with an old T-shirt or towel and wipe the walls, top to bottom.

Remove Cobwebs And Dust From Ceilings– A long-handled broom might be the best equipment to properly remove the tiniest dust particles and cobwebs from the ceilings. If you don’t have one, use the same gadget you used for the wall cleaning, a vacuum will work too.

Wipe the Doors- A proper door cleaning demands nothing more than a damp cloth to properly wipe out all the dust. Also, do not forget to clean the handles.

Scrub the Windows- Window cleaning can be a little tricky task. If any, all the parts such as sill, glass, frames, and handles need to be cleaned properly for it to be streak finished clean.

You may produce a window cleaning solution by combining water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Spray and Wipe the mixture on the window to avoid any streaks.

Remove nails, hooks, and wall anchors- Unless the nails, wall anchors, and owners own hooks, remove them. Plaster any holes made with putty/spackling paste. This hardware also comes in handy while moving into the new house!

Clean Drapes and Carpets- You can either clean the carpets at home using a regular vacuum or a cleaning machine. However, hiring professional carpet cleaning services would be a better option as the carpet cleaning expert tends to do their surface work.

At Sparkle Freshness, we provide professional carpet cleaning services. Our experts are trained in all kinds of different carpet cleaning.

Bathroom Cleaning:

Sanitize the Bathroom Vanity: To sanitize and clean the vanity area, spray the all-purpose on the counterparts and wipe it out. Distilled Vinegar works best on water stains at the faucet. To remove the dust from the cabinets, use a cloth dampened with water.

Clean the Mirrors: Although people use mirrors daily, they also get ignored when it comes to cleaning them. In the hustle-bustle of moving out, don’t forget to clean them.
To clean the mirrors, spray any normal cleaning solution and wipe it either with a newspaper or a clean cloth but remember to do it in an up and down motion to clean it properly.

Disinfect the Toilet seat: Cleaning, in general, is not everyone’s favorite activity. On top of that, cleaning the toilet bowl definitely becomes a task.
To get rid of toilet rings, use an all-purpose bowler cleaner. Spray the cleaner and scrub it with a brush before flushing. For harder stains, we recommend using a prominence stone.

Clear the Shower area: Vinegar also comes in handy when it comes to cleaning a dirty tub. Spray dish soap water or glass cleaner on the shower door to clean any buildup or dirt. Use a scrubbing brush to remove hard water stains and excessive buildup.

Mop the Floor: The floor can get dirty and unhygienic; dust off any dust and debris with a broom or vacuum. Then, mop it with the appropriate floor cleaner.

Clean your Bathroom Fan: To clean your vent cover, soak it in hot soapy water meanwhile carefully cleaning the blades.

Kitchen Cleaning:

Dust off the Cabinet: Cabinet cleaning takes up a major chunk of time spent on kitchen cleaning. After removing all the containers and a variety of stuff from cabinets. Scrub the surfaces with the dampened cloth. A brush attached with a vacuum will collect the tiniest crumbs and dust from the spaces.

Wipe the Fridge: Next big task is cleaning the fridge. Once you have removed all the items from the fridge, spray the cleaning solution made up of baking soda and water on different refrigerator parts and wipe it inside out. Some of the containers may need to be taken out and soaked in soapy water.

Clean the Oven: Either auto-clean the oven or DIY with the same baking soda and water solution used for cleaning the fridge and wipe the oven inside out with it. Be careful of the coil.

Sanitize the Counterparts and clean the Sink area: Clear out the slow drain with the help of hot water and vinegar. If you used to clean the counterparts regularly, then sanitize the counterparts with dish soap. If there are any stubborn stains on the counter, pour the baking soda and vinegar mixture, let it sit for some time, and then wipe it out.

Hope these tips will be helpful and aid you in your moving-out cleaning process from start to finish. Besides these tasks, moving-out cleaning also includes packing of all your personal belongings, cleaning the bookshelves, bedroom cabinets, and balcony area, window shutters; it can be quite a task.

However, if this looks like a lot of work to you and you have a work deadline to meet, or you are a family with kids with whom the cleaning gets a bit difficult.

Hire a moving-out cleaning service like Sparkle Freshness and save yourself from the headache of all the cleaning and feel the joy of moving into a new space!

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