While move in move out cleaners can be a real help for your bathroom’s cleaning, you can also dig in and do the same effectively if required.


Everyone knows how difficult it is to clean out when you close on a new apartment. That’s why cleaning before moving into your new home is so important – it also helps get rid of clutter! Consider all the colorful new accessories and furniture that need to be set systematically without clogging up the entire space. Follow the below steps during this frantic time, and be sure to hit them up from time to time.

What is Your Moving Game Plan?

Moving into an apartment can be a huge step in your life, but it’s also an important chore. Just like any other home, apartments need to be cleaned regularly to maintain their cleanliness and appeal. Here are some move in cleaning tips:

  • Clean the walls, corners and baseboards first. This will remove any dust, dirt, or grim that may have built up over time.
  • Wipe down surfaces with a clean cloth or a dust cloth while using a eco friendly mulitpurpsoe cleaner. One we like to use is by Trader Joes. Make sure to get in between trims and the wall to get all of the dirt and dust.
  • Vacuum flooring. Make sure to use the attachment tool around the edges of the baseboards and window sils.
  • Clean any areas that seem particularly dirty or dusty. This could include the window sills and door frames..
  • Keep your broom closet tidy by sweeping the floors and putting away your broom each week.
  • Dispose of any furniture you don’t plan on using again by donating it to a charity or having your local garbage company dispose of it.

How to Proceed with a Room by Room Checklist

To start your move-in cleaning process, organize and label all items, furniture and belongings in your apartment. Include everything from dressers to lamps to kitchen appliances. Once you have a comprehensive list, it’s time to take inventory.

Start by clearing out any clothes, dishes, or other personal belongings that you don’t plan on taking with you or using. You may also want to consider donating furniture or other items that you do not need or no longer will use in your new place. There a tons of local nonprofits organzation that would love the support.

It’s important to keep all the necessary things handy and together which includes everything from buckets, sponges, cleaning cloths, vacuum cleaners,broom and  dust mops and cleaning supplies. Remember to use eco friendly or safe choice products as other have toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your health. Document where each item will be placed in your apartment and make a plan for how you will clean each item in each room. It’s recommended that you wipe down your items before you pack them that way you can just unpack and place. You can also take out and wipe down while unpacking this process just takes a little longer.

Most importantly, schedule a time to clean each room in your apartment. Be sure to allow enough time for thorough cleaning and prepping for your move-in!

The Main Room

Cleanliness is critical when you’re moving into your new apartment. Not only will cleanliness boost your mood, but it also helps to promote a healthy environment. Let’s quickly check a few tips that will help clean your apartment before you move in:

1. Establish a cleaning schedule. Make a plan and stick to it. It is the ‘staying organized mantra’ while you clean.

2. Use effective cleaning products. Go for the “good” products that are safe for the environment and effective at removing dirt, dust, and debris.

3. Clean the entire apartment, not just specific areas. Clean all surfaces, including the ceiling and the windowsills.

4. Wipe down surfaces and furniture after cleaning them to reduce the dust and dirt that accumulates from moving.

5. Dispose of waste properly. Keep your garbage in containers and dispose of them regularly in order to reduce the amount of clutter in your apartment. Don’t forget to break down all your boxes and place in recycling bins and trash in trash bins.


If you’re moving into an apartment, it’s essential to know how to clean your kitchen before you move in. By preparing for your kitchen move in cleaning beforehand, you’ll avoid any unpleasant surprises when you move in. Let’s quickly check a few tips that will help clean your kitchen before you move in:

1. Clear all clutter from the kitchen cabinets and drawers. This will make it easier to store food and dishes properly.

2. Clean the surfaces of the appliances and countertop with eco friendly multi-purpose cleaner. Appliances that contain mold or hazardous waste should be cleaned by a professional!

3. Wash all dishes, pots, and pans in the dishwasher or by hand. Let them air-dry or wipe with a clean dry cloth before placing them back in the cabinet or drawer.

4. Take a clean dry cloth to wipe down all surfaces using your multi-purpose cleaner. Make sure to vacuum and mop the floor if necessary.

5. Do not store any dirty dishes, pots and pans in the refrigerator until they can be appropriately disposed of. Give yourself at least two days’ notice before you move in so that you have time clean everything thoroughly!

Bathroom & Toilets

Toilets & bathrooms will be one of the most used places in your home and would need a regular and thorough cleaning. The start needs to be done before moving in.

While move in move out cleaners can be a real help for your bathroom’s cleaning, you can also dig in and do the same effectively if required. First, we need to enlist the frequently touched points, like the toilet seat, flush, faucet, shower, doorknobs, switches, etc.

It would be good if we are highly cautious about the below points in our move in cleaning.

  • Go for a new toilet seat and get rid of the one that’s already placed.
  • Clean all the parts, including the bathtub and shower, with a eco friendly bathroom cleaner and harsh sponge or scrub brush.
  • Thoroughly wash the floor.
  • Clean the walls of your bathroom and toilets with a different cleaning cloth. Remember to go from top to bottom. Once used on the toilet do not use anywhere else.

You also need to disinfect your bathroom and toilet using an effective anti-microbial spray or cleanser once you are done with your cleaning. It is vital to ensure a no cross contamination policy while cleaning! Never use the same cleaning cloths that are used in the  kitchen or bathroom to clean any other room in your home.


Moving is already a difficult and draining process. Allow Sparkle Freshness to handle one of the many vital jobs on your to-do list. Our skilled crew is here to help soothe your concerns and free up your time so you can concentrate on more pressing matters, whether it’s cleaning up the mess left behind or disinfecting your house or office before you move in.

We are committed to providing exceptional service and believe that you get what you pay for.

We work with honesty, integrity, dependability, and professionalism.

We thoroughly clean every nook and corner, the inside of drawers, from your kitchen to the external windows! Prior to your move in, our crew can clean your new place. All you need to do is tell us what you want done, and we will handle the rest! We strive to contribute to maintaining a clean environment in addition to providing move-in and move-out cleaning services. Our cleaning practices is based on facts. There is a safer way to clean without using toxic chemicals and using cleaning products that are both environmentally friendly and that works just as good as what you are used to. We are one of the few move-in move-out cleaning companies in San Diego County that does this.

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Services Offered

1. Cleaning of all counters and surfaces

2. Cleaning all closets and cabinets, both inside and out

3. Cleaning of all windows and sliding glass doors, as well as the interior and exterior of the stove, microwave, and refrigerator

4. All bathroom are disinfected, including the ledges, mirrors, handles and knobs

5. Complete carpet vacuuming

6. Cleaning baseboards

7. Complete air vent cleaning

8. Mop and dust all hard flooring.

9. Cleaning all light fittings and light switches

10. Removal of all cobwebs

11. Staircase cleaning

12. Cleaning of all lights

13. Wipe-down of doors and walls behind handtowels and sink

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