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Are you ready to kick back and relax after completing a home renovation project? Wait, not so fast. If there’s one thing that may distract from the excitement of a newly renovated house, it’s the dust that remains. Construction dust always seems to find its way everywhere and settle on everything, regardless of how effectively your contractor can clean up after they have completed their work. So, you’ll have to finish your post construction cleaning also known as after-construction cleaning marathon before you can put your feet up. Construction dust is not only messy but is also dangerous for the lungs.

Understanding how to go about after construction cleaning can ensure all the dust left behind has been removed properly.

After Construction Cleaning Checklist

Renovations can be a  big job that can be stressful and messy. Once the remodeling is completed, it’s time to clean up all the dust and scraps left behind.

Here are a few tips on cleaning up after your renovation: 

1. Wipe Down Hard Surfaces

First, you should start cleaning the surfaces. Begin by brushing the dust off your walls – yes, you read it right. Even your walls accumulate dust during construction. The best technique to remove the dust without endangering the surface of a wall is by dry dusting, but depending on the paint or wall covering you have; you may also want to use a damp cloth. Another popular resting place for dust particles is cabinetry and moldings. Next, clean the top of the surface areas with the a wet towel. You will need to go over surfaces 3 to 4 times and then again with a clean dry rag. You’ll want to use the suction part of your vacuum  for the next parts. All cabinet interior shelves should be vacuumed out then wiped cleaned, paying close attention to the corners that are challenging to reach, sides, top and back. Before tackling the dirt and debris on or near the floor, wipe off countertops and any other flat surfaces. Then, remove any visible dust from your hard floors and mop them from wall to wall.

2. Sweep and Vacuum

This is probably the most important step. Dust is easily embedded in draperies, upholstered furniture, and carpeted floors. Make sure to sweep everything off the floors and remove any large amounts of dust or debris. Every corner and baseboard should be cleaned to remove even the smallest of particles. Consider every detail when vacuuming any delicate surfaces. If there is still dust after the initial round of vacuuming, repeat the process. To remove all fine dust from the floor you will need to mop a few times and chage out your mop head or rise thoroughly.

3. Clean Air Vents & Replace Filters

Dust and debris will mix with the air and find their way to your vents, this is why it is important to replace the air vents and filters. The vent covers should be clean from the walls and ceilings. Cleaned with soap and warm water, and wiped cleaned completely. Fresh air filters should be installed after  the vent covers are cleaned. This is extremely important because breathing in dust might cause allergies and respiratory problems.

4. Keep in Mind the Little Things

For a completely dust-free living space, clean any additional furniture or objects in the restoration area. Here is a short list of frequently ignored areas:

  • Light fixtures and fan blades
  • Electronics
  • Small appliances
  • Decorative item
  • Shutters or blinds

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The most preferred approach is to use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Another option that saves you time and gives you the best results is hiring a professional cleaning services in Carlsbad like Sparkle Freshness. If you don’t want to deal with the mess yourself, give Sparkle Freshness a call and we’ll take care of everything!  Search for “after construction cleaning company”, you will surely get Sparkle Freshness in the top of your local search results. Our skilled cleaning team is here to assist you with the post-construction cleaning as soon as possible, safely, and efficiently. Soon, you will be relaxing in your own little paradise, the chaos of renovations behind you, and a bright, clean future ahead. Get in touch with us right now!

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