What is the difference between carpet cleaning at home and getting it professionally cleaned? Why is professional carpet cleaning recommended from time to time? Is it really worth it?

Having a basic understanding of professional carpet cleaning immediately clears off all these queries. This article aims to bring some insight into the procedures carried out by a professional carpet cleaning expert and some of the best carpet cleaning methods.

While DIY is easy and cost-effective, knowing about how professional cleaning works and the benefits it can do to the carpets will eliminate the urge to clean the carpets by yourself using a carpet cleaner or a household vacuum.


Pre-inspection, as the name applies, involves the complete inspection of the carpet to check the fibers and backing and better understand the issues with it, such as carpet dirt and all kinds of stains on the carpet.

This gives the professionals a better idea of what method they should proceed with and how much work needs to be done on the carpet.


The next procedure is pre-vacuuming. It is quite important and should not be neglected.

Where a normal vacuum cleans at surface level and only removes 80% of the dirt, a professional carpet cleaning vacuum used by professionals offers deep cleaning of the carpets.

The Pre-vacuuming treatment prevents the tiny dirt particles from sticking on the carpet during wet cleaning; otherwise, it would be hard to detangle and extract them later. The Pre-vacuuming removes the dirt and other debris such as pet hair.

Moving Furniture

Moving Furniture may seem like a frivolous task; however, it is rather tricky, whether DIY or hiring a professional cleaning service. If there is no easy access to the carpet, it would not be cleaned as per standard measures.

Professional carpet cleaners are trained and can be trusted to move out even the most fragile furniture pieces at your place.

Pre-Stain Treatment And Pre-Spraying

Pre-stain Treatment involves the treatment of all the stains beforehand to ensure these are completely cleaned. Stain removal gets rid of all the sticky stains such as wine, coffee, oil, and blood from the rug.

In the next step, pre-spaying, professionals wet the carpet completely using a unique cleaning solution. Now, some cleaners either inject the concentrated cleaning agent or a mixture of it and water into the fibers. It breaks down all the dirt particles and all the vile oil stains on the carpet.

The cleaning solution used during pre-spraying is environmentally friendly and also baby and pet safe.

Power Scrubbing And Extraction

The power-scrubbing includes scrubbing and extracting the dirt. Professionals use Power scrubbers to eliminate the most stubborn of stains, such as oil stains, and also completely loosen up the soil particles.

The next step, extraction, involves getting rid of all the remaining dirt and stains using powerful cleaning systems with high voltage. Professionals also ensure that they use the right cleaning agent and pads to prevent igniting any kind of dirt accumulation afterward.

Deodorizing And Neutralizing

Deodorizing can also be done at home. However, the deodorizing at home only cover up the bad odor. Deodorizing at the professional carpet cleaning also kills the bacterias and viruses present in it and are the real cause of the odor. Deodorizing leaves your carpet all fluffy and fresh.

Professionals use quality deodorizers, although a few owners could be allergic to their fragrances; therefore, it is always better to inform the cleaning service beforehand about it. Some professional cleaners use an environmentally friendly deodorizer treatment.

Next comes, Neutralizing. The aim of neutralizing is to remove the alkali residue left after all the cleaning, and it softens conditions and brightens the carpet improving the overall condition of the carpet.

Shampooing the carpet

The final step in the carpet cleaning process is shampooing the carpet. It cleans the carpet and gives the carpet a more polished look.

After all the cleaning, the cleaning strokes and footprints are often very visible. The shampooing removes it all from the rug.

The carpet fibers are raised during the shampooing process, which increases the carpet drying time. Professional Carpet Cleaning Services do this step quite religiously to stand out from the rest.

Best Carpet Cleaning Methods:

  • Hot Water Extraction- Boiling Water Extraction-Also known as steam cleaning, experts consider it to be one of the best floor covering cleaning methods.
  • Carpet Cleaning Expert uses professional equipment to inject steam into the fibers in this method. The hot water loosens up the dirt, and then all this debris is extracted.
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning with Powder– In this process, first, a type of powder is evenly spread all over the carpet, then using a special machine fitted with a brush, the product is injected into the fibers of the carpet. All the dirt is trapped and then extracted.
  • Encapsulation or Dry carpet cleaning with solvents- Encapsulation involves applying the powder detergent to the rug, which traps all the dirt and then begins to foam. Later, all the dirt, along with the detergent, is extracted.

Dry solvent cleaning solutions are on the expensive side. However, they render a premium cleaning.

  • The Classical Method or bonnet cleaning- Long before the invention of vacuums, the traditional method of carpet was done using a simple brush.

The Bonnet cleaning is cost-effective and easy to do. A brush or wand is covered with a cloth, and the carpet is scrubbed along with water and detergent. It is then left to sundry, and then all the water and dirt is extracted.

  • Rug Shampooing or shampoo Carpet Cleaning- Rug shampooing is quite a simple process in which a cleaning solution is applied, and through pressure, it is worked deep into the rug, and then with a rotating brush, the rug is scrubbed. All the debris is removed then.

I hope this article was insightful and gave you a better understanding of how carpet cleaning works and why it is important to get your carpet cleaned professionally at least once a year.

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