What is your Premium Service Package? What does it include?

Our Premium Services Package includes all the cleaning and restocking services your vacation rental needs to keep your guests happy and comfortable. We communicate with you regularly to ensure everything runs smoothly and that any damages or repairs are addressed promptly.

With this service, we make every effort to catch potential issues before your guest does, ensuring that they have an exceptional experience. We also provide all necessary toiletries for your guests, which will be included in your invoice and any additional fees.

We charge by weight for laundry services, and toiletries are an additional $75 fee for us to manage, not including its cost. You can trust Sparkle Freshness to handle all aspects of managing your vacation rental property, leaving you free to focus on other things. Do you have a special request or want to give your guest an extra touch? No problem, just let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. The request determines the price.

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