Whether it is deep cleaning or the standard one, the decision is solely yours to adopt. What we can do is have you understand the difference that lies between these two forms of cleaning through this article.


Who doesn’t want a tidy home at the end of the day? Keeping your home neat and clean falls under the basic protocols of a hygienic environment. Whether it is you doing the chores yourself or taking the help of professional Cleaning Services, a clean home is the basic need of the day for every individual. Be it the daily rituals like sweeping and mopping or dusting the surfaces, or some deep cleaning methods from time to time such as cleaning the tiles, washing the patio or garage, the option lies in what is the need of the hour. Whether it is deep cleaning or the standard one, the decision is solely yours to adopt. What we can do is have you understand the difference that lies between these two forms of cleaning through this article.

What is Standard Cleaning?

A clean home by the end of the day is what standard cleaning is all about. Yes, you got that right. Standard cleaning is all about the way you keep your home clean regularly. Some basic works need to be done around your home daily to maintain the basic standard cleaning. No one likes their home to be dirty. Especially if you have kids who have a nagging habit of scattering foods all over the house or pets who can leave their fur behind in all the possible places, you need the environment where you stay to be clean and tidy daily.

Standard cleaning usually includes the following tasks

  • Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping the floor
  • Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen counters and appliances
  • Dusting of the whole house as well as the doors and windows
  • Making the bed
  • Taking the trash out to be dumped

Most of the time, the standard cleaning is easier to maintain by yourself. Although you can always hire a cleaning service if you are too short on your time or simply are not too fond of performing the chores yourself. Sparkle Freshness offers Professional Cleaning Services in Carlsbad, CA with a high-standard cleaning experience at a cost-effective price taking the burden off your shoulder.

What is Deep Cleaning?

Do you feel the need that every nook of your house needs you to get down and scrub them off? Sometimes, your home needs much more than a regular sweeping and mopping of the floor. The nitty-gritty of cleaning every corner of your home once in a while is what deep cleansing is. Be it the spring cleaning or by the end of the winter when you wish to take down the whole house and dust off every corner of the house, deep cleaning is more tedious and often needs a helping hand. But whether you choose to do it yourself or take the help of professional cleaners, deep cleaning often includes the entailed version of standard cleaning and includes the following

  • Scrubbing the tiles and the grout clean
  • Deep cleaning in and around the kitchen appliances and shelves
  • Getting the cobwebs off the attic and sorting the mess
  • Scrubbing and intense cleaning of other furniture and the fan blades
  • Getting the carpets and rugs washed and cleaned
  • Getting the upholstery cleaned and polished
  • Dusting the doors and windows in a detailed way, cleaning the tracks and the nooks of the sliders
  • Washing the window panes and sils
  • Hand cleaning lighting fixtures and chandeliers, if any
  • Vacuuming the inside floors, under the stairs, and closets specifically
  • Cleaning the vents and fireplaces, if any
  • Wiping down the picture frames
  • Wiping down shutters or blinds

Standard Cleaning or Deep Cleaning – The Choice Between Them

There are no hard and fast rules that drive you to choose between a standard or a deep cleaning. It all depends upon the choice of an individual. Whether you are a clean freak who has the knack to scrub down the whole house regularly or the kind who prefers a normal standard cleaning, the choice between the two is entirely yours.

While deep cleaning is more time-consuming and can cost you exponentially high, standard cleaning is more affordable and takes much less time than the other. Ideally, deep cleaning is done twice a year or when your home accumulates the dirt over a period of time. But you can choose to have standard cleaning of your home daily if you are a clean freak and love to keep your home pristine and tidy all the time. There is a hoard of Professional Cleaning Services in Carlsbad, CA that can offer you both services for a fair price. For the best service available though, you can always call us. We offer Home Remodel Cleaning as well as Deep Cleaning Services in Carlsbad besides the regular standard cleaning at an affordable price. Contact us at (858) 352-9860 and we will be there, happily cleaning your home for you.

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