Employees love a clean office. In this COVID-19 pandemic, cleaning alone is not enough. Regular cleanings do not kill the germs that spread this virus, additional steps are required. Yes, you got it right, disinfecting – the new norm. Disinfecting can prevent germs from spreading. Still, some offices are having a hard time fulfilling all the COVID-19 precautions. Here comes the role of Covid-19 office deep cleaning services. Let’s now discuss what you and your employees can do to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

Precautions You and Your Staff Can Take at Office

The CDC has implemented the following preventive measure for every staff member:

  • Regular hand-washing
  • Disinfect with alcohol-based hand sanitiser. At least 60% of alcohol
  • The physical distancing of a minimum of 6 feet or more
  • Wear masks in case maintaining distancing is not possible
  • Regular environment cleaning and disinfection
  • Avoiding unnecessary travel, etc.

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Role of Office Cleaning Services During Covid-19 Pandemic

Deep office cleaning can keep you stress-free and at minimal or no risk. That is because the service covers almost every corner. Today, disinfecting has become pivotal. Therefore, you need to keep your cleaning game stronger. Of course, as an employer, you are the sole in charge of your employee’s health when they are at the office. Some of the benefits of contracting with office cleaning companies are listed below:

  • Timely service that can reduce the chance of suffering from the COVID-19 virus
  • Good quality service, for example, disinfectant is EPA-approved disinfectants
  • Well-trained professionals who can give satisfactory results
  • Accessible services so you can get almost any type of cleaning from your office to home
  • Commercial cleaning  professionals follow CDC guidelines and ensure the utmost safety

How Often Should You Get Professional Deep Cleaning Services Done?

This is no easy question to answer as various factors like the size of the business matter while deciding the frequency. So, what we can advise you from our years of experience is that you must begin with getting professional deep cleaning services. Then, get it done after every three months. Meanwhile, get your office cleaned regularly by a janitor.

Professional Office Deep Cleaning Services Checklist- Do’s

COVID-19 introduced remote work, but offices are now reopening. So, office cleaning is essential for everyone present in the workplace. It goes beyond wiping floors or cleaning tables. At Sparkle Freshness our Professional cleaning services Carlsbad follow all the protocols. The staff cleaning your office are thoroughly has been properly trained, wears the PPE, and offers the following:

  • Disinfecting all high touch points, Trash Removal, and Replace Liners: The high touchpoints can be the most dangerous if you don’t take corrective actions. For example, the entrance area with employees and clients walking in.
  • Vacuum Carpeted Areas and Hallways (Including Base Boards): Give your office a superior touch with vacuum cleaning. We use green cleaning solutions. They are organic and cruelty-free ensuring zero damage to the carpets and rugs.
  • Mop Hard Floors: A janitor might daily clean the heavy traffic area, but the experts have professional cleaning solutions with which you can be stress-free. Our experts also provide machine scrubbing and floor strips and wax.
  • Dust and Polish Furniture and Surfaces: A lot of dust gets accumulated on your office furniture and surfaces, especially if your office had been shut down in the pandemic. You can get it neat and polished, giving it a completely new look!
  • Clean Mirrors: Clean mirrors are essential as employees stay in the office for eight hours. So, they will constantly want to use the mirror. Dirty mirrors will be a total disappointment. Get them coved under this service!
  • Clean toilets and sinks: Don’t let dirty toilets affect your employees’ health. Urinary tract infection is one of the common infections associated. In the long run, it can affect your employees’ health as well, which will further deteriorate their productivity.
  • Wipe Doors, Walls, Phones, Keyboards, Doorknobs, and Chairs: What items are most touched in your office? Doors and doorknobs when you enter your office or step into your CEO’s office. Office phones when you dial up the number of the clients and any subordinate or colleague. You use keyboards throughout the day. Chairs which you touch and sit on daily.
  • Clean Countertops: Countertops are the most used areas where you keep the files and keyboards. Thus, it is an important requirement which is covered under deep office cleaning service.
  • Replace and Stock Toiletries: This is a basic service. In this, expert cleaners will refill or replace and arrange the stock toiletries. This ensures the stock is not short and proper hygiene is maintained in the office. This lessens the chance of the spread of bacteria, viruses, or severe infections.

Get a Healthy Work Environment with Sparkle Freshness

COVID-19 has been a rough phase for everyone. Our nation has still not been able to recover from it. Yet, offices are reopening, and underestimating netizens’ health can drastically affect any business. We will do the most of our abilities to safeguard the lives of our people and stop the spread of COVID-19 by disinfecting the high-traffic places.

Sparkle Freshness provides COVID-19 cleaning service to local companies in the area so they can smoothly take care of its employees’ health. The workforce is the driving force for any companies business. You can contact our experts at (858) 352-9860.

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