A vacation rental cleaning, as the name suggests, is cleaning of furnished condos, homes, and other private properties that are temporarily given on rent to local people and tourists. The most important thing anyone looks at is the cleanliness when booking a vacation rental property. Of course, no one pays to stay in the dirty property.

Today, deep cleaning is the new normal.  Why? Because COVID-19 and Omicron are still there. Even if you ask for vaccination certificates, visitors are not going to lock up themselves in one room. Instead, they will see every beautiful and famous place around.

Being a host, it is your responsibility to get the property cleaned and disinfected. It avoids health risks to your guests visiting your property. You can appoint a professional cleaning team before the guests stay and after they leave.

Below we have listed a few perks of a professional Short Term Rental Cleaning Service:

  • Guests Experience Joy with Safety

Many guests book vacation rentals to spend time out of their hectic schedules with their family and friends. Such short trips help them live a low-stress life. The rental cleaning service can add safety to their joyful experience. They prepare your room to look like no one has stayed there before usually like a 5-star hotel. Also, once the trip ends, they can return to their regular routine like before.

  • Guests Get a Neat and Luxurious Room

Hiring professional cleaners means keeping your vacation rental to the best of quality benchmarks. You should hire professional cleaners that offer multiple cleaning services, for example, after-event cleanup, COVID-19 cleaning, deep cleaning, etc. Such professionals can target the most complicated areas.

  • Get Flooded with Positive Responses

Impress your guests with cleaned property and see the magical wand working for you that will expand your business prospects. Why will this work? Your guests come to take advantage of the best and cleaned property come under it. These guests can make repetitive visits and leave you with their positive reviews on Google Reviews, TripAdvisor, etc. Potential guests check reviews online. The more positive reviews, the better.

  • Keep Your Property Maintained for The Long-term

Vacation rental cleaning is a budgetary solution for long-term property maintenance. Most landlords miscalculate the importance of getting the property cleaned from professionals and choosing maids instead. A regular maid can manage daily domestic activities like cooking, laundry, dusting, home cleaning to caretaking. Whereas the experience and approach of the professional cleaning companies are undoubtedly a lifesaver for property owners

  • Be Ready to Be in Service of More Guests

More customers mean you will be in a profitable situation down the line. Additionally, the turnover will also improve. But how? Actually, a good team of professionals uses the best solutions and equipment that can provide instant solutions for the long term.

  • Mitigate Potential Hazards

There are many problems linked with the cleaned property except dirt. To list some are accidental slips and shocks by a faulty appliance.

A professional cleaner can identify and mitigate all the risks your property has. They follow safety protocols when mitigating risks. Wearing safety gear is one of them. Thus, they not only clean but also add protection. They also inform property managers of anything that is broken or doesn’t work properly.

  • Gain Clarity and Enjoy Peace

Professional cleaners know how to work, where to start from, and where to end. They have clarity in their work, and this brings peace to their work. With such a state of mind, work can get over earlier and better than what you would have worked yourself.


Hiring expert vacation rental cleaners can help you be stress-free with the cleaning. They have upgraded equipment and solutions, which your maids and housekeeper usually don’t have. By hitting a short-term rental cleaning service, you can now better fulfill your guests’ expectations. So, more business opportunities.

Sparkle Freshness is a leading cleaning business based in Carlsbad. We sparkle, clean, and disinfect your vacation rental property for your next guest! We have upgraded equipment and green solutions that will keep your place clean and disinfected. We take care of the inventory and supplies needed and staging your vacation rental to look like a 5-star resort. And you are ready to serve the next guest. Search for vacation rental cleaning services near me, and you will find our business ranking. You can contact us on (858) 352-9860 to get the best services.

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