Do you own commercial properties? Do you run a business that has a lot of employees working and receive heavy traffic in your facility daily? If yes, then it becomes your responsibility to check that your cleaning department keeps the property clean and sanitized and maintains the highest standards of cleanliness. To keep your commercial property neat and clean and professional during your regular business hours can be challenging. You may face cleaning challenges that arise daily or mid-day that can leave the wrong impression on potential clients and visitors.

Cleaning has become even more vital than ever before since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit worldwide. COVID-19 is a wake-up call for many people who have never been serious about cleaning. Now frequent cleaning of the offices, stores, hotels, homes, schools, shopping malls, hospitals, and other commercial properties has become a part of our daily routine. Now, for good reasons, everyone is more serious about keeping the surroundings clean.

To meet the cleaning challenges that arise daily, many companies and commercial businesses have turned towards a popular and highly in-demand solution: Day Porter Services.

Are you wondering Who is a day porter is? What does a Day porter do? And where do you need Day porter Services? To know the answers continue reading our blog….

Who is a Day Porter Cleaning Services?

A Day porter or simply a porter is a person positioned in a commercial building to assist and perform daily facility duties mostly related to cleaning. A day porter performs a wide range of tasks assigned by the facility they service. They take care of regular cleaning and maintenance activities throughout the day under the supervision of the Facilities Manager.

A Day porter is an unseen hero who has contributed a lot to the office needs. Especially now during the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, day porters are at the frontline to help keep high touched areas stay clean, disinfected, sanitized, and to make sure all areas have been fully stocked.

Before you hire a day porter cleaning services, make sure you know what your expectations are. It will ensure that you hire the right day porter who can perform thier tasks on time, that’s courteous and reliable. In this article, we’ll cover what exactly a day porter does and where you can inquire about them.

What Does a Day Porter Do?

A day porter is responsible for making sure your building looks neat, clean, and professional, as well as taking care of any maintenance issues that can arise during the hours of operation without interfering with your company’s daily activities. A Facility manager can’t reach every site issue that can pop up during work hours, so a day porter ensures an efficient and quick resolution to the maintenance-related tasks. It also reduces the liability of the Facility Manager.

Here are some of the duties a day porter does, depending on your needs:

  • Maintain cleanliness of lobbies.
  • Clean bathrooms.
  • Removes trash and debris from the entrance and parking lots.
  • Acts quickly to spills and other cleaning emergencies.
  • Perform minor maintenance, such as replacing light bulbs that aren’t working.
  • Clean and disinfect conference rooms before and after meetings.
  • Restock supplies in restrooms and kitchens.
  • Clean common areas like the kitchen, patios, and cafeterias.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched areas such as door handles, sofas, and office furniture to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria.
  • Meeting setup/tear down.

The actual tasks to perform by a Day Porter are allocated by the Facility Manager or cleaning service provider. A day porter gets a list of tasks and a schedule of when to perform those tasks.

Where do you Need a Porter?

1. In Areas with High Traffic

Commonly used areas such as copy rooms, bathrooms, doorknobs, conference areas, and hotels that experience heavy footfall thought-out the day, likely need a day porter to avoid the spread of germs and bacteria.

2. In Public Spaces

Public spaces like museums, theatres, malls, transportations stations, and grocery stores can benefit by hiring Daytime porters. Unlike before, people nowadays expect the facilities to be neater and cleaner and properly disinfected.

3. In Brand Maintenance

If you are running a business that has brand value and anyone can drop at your place at any time, you need to make sure your space is clean. It will not only enhance the company’s brand value, your clients will have a  positive experience while walking into your office.

Hiring a day porter takes the liability off your shoulders to keep your office clean and let you focus on your business.

4. In Places with Health Regulations

Places with health regulations like schools, restaurants, and health service enterprises generally have specific health codes.

A daytime porter can help in maintaining and delivering the standard of cleaning meeting these health codes. It helps the people to stay in business by meeting the health regulations.

5. In 24 hours, Facilities

If you run a business that runs 24 hours and never closes, remember the most traffic will be coming from the doors so have someone from the staff to manage the cleaning tasks.

To streamline the cleaning tasks, it’s worth hiring a day porter. A day porter will not only clean spills and messes they also will keep a checklist on all the cleaning regulations.

In Conclusion

At Sparkle Freshness we do understand in today’s busy world, you need reliable Day Porter services to maintain the physical aspect of your business running smoothly. A day porter service is more than just cleaning, it add-ons value to your work and team and gives you security by taking all the cleaning and maintaining liabilities off your shoulders.

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