When you own a vacation rental property, you understand the importance of turnaround time between the tenants, right? When one guest vacates the place, it becomes inevitable to inspect, disinfect and spot clean every corner before someone else checks in.

Can I do this vacation rental cleaning by myself or shall I hire professionals? 

Of course, you can use a few applications to get started with the vacation rental cleaning activities. But, if you think about it calculate, this is morethis will  ask more of your time investment. Secondly, you will have to buy all of your make all arrangements for cleaning supplies and tools.

So, why spend more time doing everything yourself when you can hire a professional who can guarantee you the best results. Yes, by hiring the perfect Vacation rental cleaning services, your business will run more smoothly. Vacation rental cleaning professionals work in a disciplined and well-thought-out manner.

They create a specialized prepare achecklist and with a team of experts who work under a strict schedule to master the art of cleaning quickly, efficiently  deeply and naturally.

Have a glimpse at the crucial reasons for having a professional vacation rental cleaning service-

Work with higher standards 

You might be the go-to cleaner in your family. In fact, you might have in stockall stock all of the naturalof natural supplies, sponges, microfiber cleaning cloths washcloths and antimicrobial wipes to tackle unwanted spills and stains. But, since you are not a certified cleaning service expert, you can’t give your 100%. Agree?

However, there is a huge difference between professionally graded products and cleaning products that you are using. A professional vacation rental cleaner inspects the quality of material and accordingly applies the solutions to mop floors, wash windows, clean carpet and scrub upholstery.

Your ratings depend on guest experience 

Happy and Satisfied clients give a  boost batch of trust and popularity to your place. So, when any prospective guest visits your listing and finds supernormal positive responses, he will surely put you in his good books.

Undoubtedly, they  he will take a close look at your rating, check out photos, and vouch for hygiene and cleaning. Only a well-tuned and experienced professional can impress such prospects with his exceptional cleaning services.

Improve the maintenance of your unit 

Dust, dirt and grime can cause wear and tear to your property, if not maintained properly. However, professional vacation rental cleaning services will prevent this build-up  caking that can cause your vacation rental to fall into disrepair. So, the more you invest in your property, the less frequently you will have to worry about any repair expenses.

In short, professionals will clean in and out that often enhance the long-term maintenance of your unit. So, invest in Sparkle Freshness now to invest in your vacation rental property.

Key factors to be considered in the Rental Cleaning process

● For the rental cleaning process, understand the key difference between disinfecting sanitization and cleaning

● Removing, sanitizing and laundering all the linens and beddings between guest arrivals

● Improve the condition of the place, restock the supplies and toiletries  inventories like soap, toilet papers, shampoo and conditioner and some cleaning products and more

● Inspecting the place and items if anything is  damaged or broken

● Sharing photo documentation proof of damages and more

● Making a final walkthrough to ensure everything is at the right place so guests can have everything they want and need.

What do deep cleaning checklists for vacation rental property include? 

Deep cleaning is an integral aspect of vacation rental property. Because nothing ruins a relaxing vacation faster than filthy and unpleasant accommodation. From the kitchenFrom kitchen to the bedroom, drawing room to the washroom, every spot must be cleaned effectively.

A deep cleaning checklist for vacation rental property includes-

● Vacuuming under furniture, sofa, cushions, and space between couch and cushions

● Dusting and disinfecting  cleaning light switches, and handles of cupboard and refrigerators

● Disinfecting all surfaces and bathrooms including mirrors and ledges

● Cleaning fingerprints or smudges on cabinets

● Wiping down the backsplash behind the counter and sink

● Cleaning dishes. Emptying the dishwasher

● Cleaning inside and outside of all appliances

● Disinfecting all hard flooring

● Cleaning window sills

● Cleaning light fixture and fans

How has vacation rental cleaning changed since Covid-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a serious toll on the entire vacation rental cleaning industry. It has brought travel and tourism to a near standstill due to certain stringent Travel restrictions and bans on international flights.

No doubt 2020, was one of the toughest years yet the vacation rental industry has managed to keep going and comply with the new cleaning procedures and guest restrictions to make everything fall under the right place.

Various Holiday Rental Cleaning runs on one single motto – More Cleaning. More Hygiene. Some of the key changes brought to the Vacation Rental Cleaning after pandemic are-

● Disinfecting every touch surface area before and after in use

● Laundering everything includes bed sheets, curtains and sanitization of carpets

● Making masks mandatory while cleaning the rental properties

● PPE kit has become an essential part of holiday rental cleaning solutions

● Extending Time of Guest Check-Ins for Sanitization & Cleaning


Cleaning and maintaining the quality of your vacation rental property can be quite stressful if you do it by yourself. Why worry when you have Sparkle Freshness by your side. We deliver more than you have asked for and always satisfy your guests with our exceptional vacation rental cleaning services. We vet all our team members and train them well to make sure you are getting the best. Give us a call right now!

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