Are you still operating your business during COVID -19 or are you preparing to reopen?

If yes, then keeping your workplace clean and free from infections becomes the primary concern.

Business owners and property managers hold the major responsibility in keeping guests, patrons, and visitors safe from COVID -19 when they visit their place. They are accountable for taking every step to ensure the health and safety of their community.

So, whether you have an office space, run a retail store or a multi-story corporate company, it has become a compulsory ritual to clean and disinfect office space to avoid the spread of viruses.

How Sparkle Freshness keeps your workplace COVID safe? 

Various organizations are taking steps to keep their facilities disinfected and germ-free. You can hire Sparkle Freshness to keep your workplace COVID-19 safe. We follow a stringent process for COVID-19 cleaning –


Fogging is one of the most crucial techniques where a liquid solution is sprayed into the air that disinfects every corner and surface. You can also use this technique to clean and disinfect your air duct system.

Surface Wiping 

In surface wiping, the professionals will bring an EPA registered disinfectant solution to wipe down all the surfaces. The effectiveness of this solution depends on how long the solution sits on surfaces and the kill time.


This is the last process where a special coat of disinfecting solution is sprayed. For the best results, this solution is kept for drying. Such a technique is effectively used in public spaces.

At Sparkle Freshness, we avoid cross-contamination and use the ⅛ method while cleaning and changing rags often. Our professional crews wear PPE equipment and use an EPA hospital grade disinfectant and other products to lower the risk of spreading germs and viruses.

How to disinfect and clean the commercial office spaces?

Disinfecting the surfaces 

Your hands become the major reason when it comes to the spread of infection. Either with opening the door, pulling the drawer out or operating the electronic equipment, hands are the main culprit.

Therefore, it is essential to hire professionals for Office Cleaning Services who work extensively in: –

● Disinfecting the elevators, railings and stairs

● Wiping the door handles

● Cleaning fingerprints marks from handles, keyboards, and mirrors

● Cleaning glass doors inside and out

● Company machines and other high touch point areas

Professionals not only disinfect high traffic surfaces but also focus on commonly touched surfaces like telephones, mobile phones, screens, and more.

Take care of high traffic areas

Companies and commercial properties can face a lot of foot traffic throughout the day. Dirt, mud, germs can be tracked inside quickly making the floor look dingy eventually causing permanent damage to hard-surface floors and carpets. This could tarnish your company’s image. Routine cleaning is key to support a healthy environment. So, you should look after: –

● Vacuuming the hallways and carpet space

● Replacing Liners, trash removal, and disinfecting all high touchpoints

● Spot clean the entrants and collect all garbage, papers, and bottles from the front entrance

● Deep cleaning once or twice a year will increase the longevity of the floor and will restore your flooring to new-conditions

Professionals also offer monthly, weekly and daily cleaning services based on your office needs. Nowadays due to the high risk of COVID-19 spread, frequent cleaning has become vital. You can connect with professional cleaners to stop the spread of viruses now!

Cleaning and disinfecting the Restrooms 

It’s been scientifically proven that a clean and disinfected area contributes crucially to improving the productivity of employees. In fact, it reduces the risk of spreading germs and ensures safety and hygiene at every corner. Besides high traffic areas, you must also pay attention to the restrooms.

● Don’t forget to stock the toiletries, facial tissues, hand soap, and hand towels

● Clean and polish the mirrors, empty the trash before it gets overfilled

● Mop restroom floors and vacuum all the hard floors

● Clean the urinals and toilets on both the side

● Dusting frames, tops of mirrors and polishing Furniture and Surfaces

Now no more loss of valuable hours. Continue working at a safer and healthier workplace.

Pay attention to computers and electronics in the workplace 

Does anyone at your workplace sneeze in their elbow and then again back to type on their laptop? You must have felt this incident at least once at your workplace. People often touch keyboards, prepare presentation slides, and share resources among the co-worker. Here, the chances of getting sick are really very high.

In that situation, what you can do is go with a professional commercial cleaning company and get your workplace disinfected once a week or month. You can also take certain precautionary measures as listed below: –

● If you sneeze or cough, do sanitize your hands properly before touching your work-station or shaking hands with co-workers.

● Dispose the trash into the dustbins

● Wear the mask to avoid the virus spread into the air

● Clean and disinfect the touched surfaces daily to lower the risk of virus spread

● Keep a proper distance at workplace to avoid human contact

● Use a microfiber cloth to clean the electronics when required

It is always advisable to follow a regular cleaning approach. This not only disinfects your place on a timely basis but also helps you think about what items you really need in your office.

Expert Commercial Cleaning Services from Sparkle Freshness 

During these uncertain times, turn to a reliable and experienced Commercial Office Cleaning Company that can properly disinfect your office or building and clean every nook and corner. At Sparkle Freshness, we take extra precautions when cleaning. Our EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant kills viruses within minutes. To disinfect your place and provide peace of mind for your employees and guests, give us a call today!

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