Most people prefer to have pets because they are great human companions, they guard our homes and are a good stress reliever for people suffering from depression. Most households have cats and dogs as pets and they love being a part of the family.

Having pets at home comes with a lot of responsibility.  Caring for them and cleaning up after them can be a job itself. Though cats and dogs are different they still share a similar trait, i.e., shedding hair. Most pets shed hair daily and you can see pet hair spread everywhere in the house mostly stuck to the carpets, upholstery, and countertops.

Undoubtedly most of you will be spending a lot more time removing the hair from the carpet fibers, while some are struggling to manage time from their busy schedule to deep clean the carpets. If not cleaned timely and properly the pet hair and dander can become a health problem to many people who are allergic to pet hair or have any other skin issue.

If you are struggling to work on how to clean your carpets properly and get rid of the pet’s hair and dander, then the good news is that we are sharing some tips to help you out. Leading among other carpet cleaning companies in Carlsbad, our efficient and effective tips will help you to manage the pet hair in your home to an absolute minimum: read further to learn more about it!

Quick ways to Remove pet hair from your household surfaces: Carpets

Pet’s love exploring every corner. They will follow you in the entire house, snuggle with you, play with you. Most of the time that means you are surely going to find hair in almost every space of the house spread all over the surface. To clean the pet hair and fur from the different spaces, we are sharing some of the methods that will be useful for every pet owner to effectively remove the pet hair from carpets, upholstery, and other surfaces.

Use the vacuum for loose pet hair

Vacuuming will help you to remove the loose hair spread over the carpet, other surfaces, or upholstery. Some specially designed vacuum cleaners promise to work more effectively on removing pet hair than the normal vacuums.

Vacuuming your carpets regularly will lessen the chances of pet hair reaching deeper into the carpet weave. When carpet is left uncleaned for some time it will increase the chances of pet hair being trampled into the carpet. So, make sure not to overlook this part of carpet cleaning if you have pets at home.

Use soft-bristled brush

Vacuuming is limited in completely removing the pet hair stuck deep within the carpet weaving. For thorough cleaning of your carpets which includes removing the hair both from the surface and fibers, you will first need to vacuum the loose pet hair followed by agitating the carpet fibers with a soft-bristled brush. Gently brush your carpets to bring out the tangled pet hair to the surface stuck deep into the carpet fibers: vacuum thoroughly thereafter.

It may sound like a time-consuming process to you but it’s way more effective than going over the same spot and vacuuming it repeatedly which will again take just as much time and yet won’t deliver you the expected results!

Use a fabric softener solution 

Another way to deal with the pet hair deep within the carpet that is difficult to remove is by using a fabric softener solution. So, you might wonder how this solution works!

The first step is to gather the liquid fabric softener and water. You need to mix three parts of water and one part of the liquid fabric softener to make the mixture. Put the mixture into a spraying bottle.

The next step is to lightly mist the surface of the carpet where hair is stuck deeper into the fabric and let it dry for a while. A few hours after it’s dry you can vacuum the surface it will be a lot easier in removing the hair.

In Conclusion

It’s important to remember that having pets at home means you have to be particular about cleaning. Your goal is to reduce the amount of hair which is possible with regular cleaning rather than striving for perfection in removing pet hair which is impossible. With the right approach for home clean-ups, you can easily deal with pet hair problems and can maintain good hygiene at home.

If you are running out of time due or have a busy schedule, call and get help today from your local carpet cleaning services. You can book your clean-up with Sparkle Freshness Cleaning who leads the way in the cleaning industry in every service. The company has already reached out to many clients and has turned them into happy customers. So, what you are waiting for, schedule your appointment and make your home as fur-free as possible!

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