What to know about after-builder cleaning?

The builder’s objective is to construct a new project or to redevelop the existing space. They have to complete your site on time and give you the possession on the scheduled date.  However, it is important to discuss with your builder or site manager your expectation for cleanliness as post-construction requires specific needs to be removed, and the site has to be cleaned before moving in. Extensive and deep cleaning doesn’t become the responsibility of the builders unless you explicitly mention that in your contract.

When construction work is over, it is the responsibility of the project manager supervising to ensure the property is deep cleaned. Builders usually don’t deep clean the properties rather they may collect the dust and debris on one side of the floor. So, if you need anything beyond that, you need to discuss this with the builder. This will most likely add cost for the site owner.

Therefore, for every newly constructed site, the owner or project manager will always need after-construction cleaning services for deep cleaning. The after-builders cleaners play a major role in making your site look clean and ready to move in. They will clean all the dust and dirt from hard-to-reach places like light fixtures, ceiling fans, window seals, walls, and ledges. Sparkle Freshness will let you know the estimated cost and estimated time for proper deep cleaning of your newly constructed or renovated property.

How to clean up after construction

Most people get stressed out only at the thought of cleaning their properties like homes, offices, commercial buildings, or retail stores. They associate cleaning with endless time straining, additional cost incursion, and piles of dirt.

So, to not to waste a lot of nerves while cleaning after construction space, follow this to-do list for a smart and meticulous cleaning-

  • Debris Removal: Once the construction is done and workers have left, the entire place will be cluttered. You will find empty water bottles and burger wrappers and some hazardous materials like nails, sharp stones, and glass debris. So, if you decide to hire workers for the post-construction clean-up, you may be held liable for accident or injury. Therefore, make sure you hire professionals who can skillfully clean all the mess.
  • Wall Washing: There’s often a mass accumulation of dust on the wall and certainly, you must have written your name on that wall through the dust. Therefore, let our professionals give your walls the most sustainable dusting. This will sparkle up your room brightly.
  • Vacuuming, Sweeping, and Mopping: We all know how important it is to vacuum, sweep, and mop to keep your areas clean and hygienic. That’s our actual profession. We have all the specialized knowledge, tools, and eco-friendly cleaning products to ensure that your new floors will be immaculate and ready for a fresh start.
  • Residential, Commercial, and School Construction Cleaning: Many people think that only giant projects like school construction require after-clean-up services. However, this is simply not the case. Many times bathroom requires renovation, the kitchen demands intentional cleaning of the stove, microwave, and refrigerator.  The living room requires cleaning of all cabinets and drawers inside and out. So, be it small or big projects, we make sure that your new space looks spotless.
  • Frame, Baseboard, and Blind Cleaning: Do you ever sweat over cleaning the small stuff like blinds, frames, or baseboards? Probably we often pay less attention to these things. Cleaning them is a must.

Pros of hiring the after-builder cleaners

Do you need professionals for after-construction cleaning?

Or DIY tricks and tips will help you get through it?

After Construction cleaning of home, office, apartments or any other commercial building usually takes a lot of time and manpower. Therefore, every property owner or project manager usually prefers to hire a professional cleaning company to do the task as per the contract. After-builder cleaners are trained professionals having years of intensive experience in cleaning huge construction sites.

Hiring a professional cleaning company to ease your workload and make your cleaning task super-fast, it would be better if you hire after builder cleaners for the following reasons: –

  • There will be an effortless cleaning

The best part to contract a professional cleaning company is that they will clean your newly constructed property effectively and effortlessly.

In fact, they have a team of professional cleaners who can get your work done faster and better than the normal maidservants that you may hire. Moreover, the contract cleaners are insured which assures property owners of hassle-free clean-up.

So, for exceptional clean-up, you require exceptional hands, right?

  • Proper recycling of materials is possible

During the post-construction clean-up, you will find plenty of unwanted materials like drywall, broken pieces of wood, masonry, or even discarded landscaping items. Normally we throw them away but after construction cleaning professionals exactly know how and what can be done from that. They know how these materials can be recycled and safely dispose of the ones that can’t be recycled.

  • Taking care of post-construction leftovers

Regardless of whether it is brickwork, redesigning the home, or carpentry, a professional after builder cleaner will take care of dust and often vacuum the conspicuous bits. Besides that, they can inspect well the corners and bents where dust retention could be possibly more. So always hire professionals who can manage every last trace of your house and clean everything deeply.

Wrap up

It’s very exciting moving to a new place. You can’t wait for more now. Contracting a professional cleaning company for after-construction clean-up is the best thing you can do to quickly move into your new place.

However, our team at Sparkle Freshness will wipe and polish every inch of small stuff no matter if we had to crawl, climb or stretch. Book an appointment today to hire our team!

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