Clean office space is a cost-effective way to invest in your people and boost performance. Just think about it, is it easier to work in a cluttered, dirty space or a clean space? Even if you are typically doing your work at a desk, you will look for a cleaner and neater space. And believe it or not, this will do wonders for your productivity.

Now just imagine the difference it will make when you look for detailed-oriented services like window cleaning, buffing & waxing the floors, and shampooing the carpet to your newly constructed office. Not to mention, but, post-construction cleaning during or after the work is a rather tricky process, and it should only be handled by professionals.

No matter how big or small your office space is, it is guaranteed to create a big mess and you can’t prevent that. In that case, you can contact Sparkle Freshness for detail-oriented post-construction cleaning. Because putting up drywall, nailing in shingles, and proper disposal of nails, screws, and bolts will definitely make a difference to your work environment.

How regularly should you clean?

When it comes to Sparkle Freshness for detail-oriented post-construction cleaning, there is no one size fits all approach.

According to our experts, you can go for regular cleaning more frequently or can get your office cleaned and maintained on a daily or a weekly basis depending upon the type of facility. For instance, cleaning of restrooms will require more frequent cleaning than a warehouse would. This high-quality cleaning includes the following areas-

  • Cleaning the front door
  • Surface cleaning
  • Restrooms
  • Floor sweeping and mopping
  • Window sils

However, you must also give importance to deeper cleaning services, carried out on a monthly or yearly basis like carpet cleaning, window cleaning, baseboards, air vents,  tops of cubicles, and ledges. This will ensure a fresh and healthy environment.

Level up your business reputation with our Professional Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning and Maintenance services are often overlooked tasks. But it becomes a great deal when any guest or client visits your office for attending a meeting or signing a big contract.

People think they can hire routine cleaners to clean and pick up all the dirt and debris and clean every corner of their office area like a normal clean. There are a few things to consider if you’re thinking about hiring a routine cleaner when you have just constructed a new office. The most important question to ask yourself is do they have the experience and knowledge to perform post-construction cleaning? A regular or amateur cleaner can’t always deliver you quality service if they lack the experience.

After spending a lot of time and money on new office construction or office remodeling, you may be surprised at how much dirt, debris, and dust is left over after the workmen leave. You’ll need to hire a professional.

So, whom to hire?

Whose responsibility is it to keep your newly constructed office clean and mess-free?

In order to clean your office and give it a final finish, you must contact professionals at Sparkle Freshness for a perfect post-construction clean-up. They will leave you satisfied with the final presentation that you can be proud of and show confidently to your clients, guests, family, and neighbors. And as far as we are concerned, keeping your workplace clean, hygienic, and mess-free, is our responsibility.

At Sparkle Freshness, our experts ensure your finished project shines from floor to ceiling with our sustainable cleaning products and equipment. To minimize drywall dust and construction dirt and maximize our detail-oriented clean-up, our professional team will pay attention to every little detail like light fixtures, trims, baseboards, window sills, ledges, and more.

Once we have cleaned and inspected every nook and cranny of your office, you just have to turn open your doors and you are ready for business.

We work to a higher standard 

At Sparkle Freshness, we relentlessly pursue the highest standards in cleaning and customizing the products to meet the cleaning demands of our clients. Whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly cleaning, we do more than just cleaning in satisfying our customers. Doesn’t matter if your company constructs its office building or revamp the entire interior, we will help you promote a healthy work environment and keep your office sparkling and hygienic.

No matter what kind of facility you have, we have the best cleaning products and equipment to handle your cleaning and disinfecting requirements.

For a free estimate and some more details, please give Sparkle Freshness a call day. Our support team will share information pertaining to no-obligation estimates on our post-construction cleaning services.

The Final Words 

Office cleaning and maintenance don’t have to be a time-consuming chore. In fact, you can make it easier and convenient with Sparkle Freshness. Count on us for your detail-oriented post construction clean up and you will never regret it later.

We have plenty of experience and knowledge on how to do things right and deep clean the hidden areas of your workplace.

Contact Sparkle Freshness today!

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