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Our Services

Office Cleaning

Make a good impression! With the help of a quality cleaning service, you can make a positive first impression of business cleanliness, organization, and success.

Post Construction Cleanup

Post-construction clean requires special attention to details and not letting the simplest item slip thru the cracks.

COVID-19 Cleaning

Disinfecting has become our new normal as we navigate through our current pandemic. If you have an outbreak at your office or want or want a complete disinfection cleaning,


Relocation can be a major hassle and a hindrance to your business' productivity. Moving is already stressful and exhausting.

Vacation Rental Cleaning

You’ve listed your property as a vacation rental now how will you maintain the cleanliness and standards your guest requires and deserves?

Day Porter Service

The day porter is responsible for maintaining a presentable building, as well as, taking care of any maintenance issues that can arise during the hours of operation.

Event Clean Up

When you have a workplace party or an event like a wedding, baby shower, birthday party promotional celebration, or even a New Year's celebration.

Floor Care & Other Services

We also provide Floor strip and wax care, Power Washing services, Buff & Polish, Carpet Cleaning and many more. Click on the other services to get more information.

Carpet Cleaning

We at Sparkle Freshness use a process called Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning. The carpet is scrubbed with a rotary machine or a cylindrical brush machine.