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Why Green Cleaners are the Way to Go!
Did You Know…

Reasons to go green

Here are twelve different reasons that influenced us to be an eco friendly, green commercial and office cleaning company.
This will change how you look at cleaning supplies and show you that natural, eco friendly cleaners are the best way to go.

Green Cleaners Work As Well As Other Cleaners

With any industry, you will find knock off products that don't work as well as the real thing but there are definitely green cleaners that work as well as traditional cleaners. Good green cleaners go through a lot of testing to make sure that they work the same if not better than harsher, toxic chemicals.


Household Air Fresheners Are Bad For You

Many people use household air fresheners to clean smells from the air. Unfortunately, while these good smelling air cleaners get rid of the smell they don’t actually clean the air. Many household air fresheners release chemicals into the air which poison people, pets, and plants.


Dusting Chemicals Aren’t The Only Option

Dusting chemicals like Pledge aren’t the only option. A microfiber cloth will work just as well and it doesn’t leave anything behind. These clothes also double as screen cleaners and can be found at stores around the world.


Cleaning Your Furniture

You don’t need furniture cleaner to get rid of messes on your furniture. Just like with dusting a microfiber cloth can be used to clean your furniture. You just need to add some water. Then you can sit on your couch not having to worry about chemicals.


Green Cleaners Don’t Have To Cost A Fortune

Many people are under the impression that green cleaners have to cost a fortune because that is what they see advertised the most in stores. There are smaller brands and brands that aren’t advertised as heavily that don’t cost a fortune to use. There are also DIY options for those who want to create their own!


Not All Green Cleaners Are Actually Eco Friendly Or Safe

There are a lot of different green cleaners out there but you would be surprised to find that they aren’t all as friendly as they could be. Many “green” cleaners contain chemicals or are untested. They can make these claims because they aren’t as bad as existing options. At Sparkle Freshness, we only use guaranteed, high quality green cleaners.


Vinegar Is An Excellent Green Cleaner

Vinegar can be put to use in your house for more than just an ingredient in your meals. Vinegar and water work well to loosen stuck on debris in a microwave and even remove odors. It can also be made to use a cleaner for your cutting boards, counter-tops, and floors.


Dry Cleaning Soap

Many dry cleaning soaps contain harsh chemicals to get your clothes extra clean, remove stains, or to help smooth wrinkles. To avoid this you should always use green laundry detergents. Otherwise, harsh chemicals can cause your body to have rashes, sores, or allergic reactions depending on the chemicals used.


Avoid Chemical Warnings

You should avoid any product in the store with chemical warnings such as to keep out of eyes or avoid exposure to skin. These are the chemicals you don’t want, even if they are advertised as green. You should also avoid products with flammable or warning on the label. A product warning isn’t always specific to the fact that it will hurt humans.


Certified Green Labels

A big help when looking for green products in the store is to look for green certified logos. Make sure that you verify the green certification is from a valid agency, though. This will help you find products that you can enjoy without having to worry about.


Look Online at Green Databases

There are a wide variety of databases out there for you to choose from when looking for green and/or eco friendly products. Green Seal, Energy Star, Greenguard, Home Depot LEED, and SCS Global are just some of the databases out there to find green materials. EWG; however, has one of the best databases specifically designed towards cleaning products.


Green Cleaners Are Less Likely To Damage Surfaces

Non-green cleaners are far less likely to damage surfaces that they weren’t intended for. Many chemical cleaners will damage surfaces that they weren’t intended to be used on. For example, if you use Windex on plastic regularly it will melt said plastic. There are many other examples of this from staining to damaging the items around your household.

Did you know any of these facts about green cleaners? If you have any questions or want to start using an eco friendly commercial or office cleaning company, contact us today for a custom quote.