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The Top 10 Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Reduce your carbon footprint

Carbon emissions have been poisoning our lives and our planet for years.  It wasn’t until recently that people started to become aware of their carbon footprint and have wanted to change it.  Many people who hear about reducing their carbon footprint don’t know how to go about it.  Here we have 10 ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Give Money

There are a lot of organizations such as Carbon Fund which exist to help the world offset their carbon footprint.  You can purchase preset amounts of carbon footprint relief.  Carbon Fund offers presets for family size, vehicle type, home type, and more.


Planting Trees

The most common way that people reduce their carbon footprint is to plant trees.  It is an excellent way of offsetting your footprint.  What you need though is a large amount of space and to plant a lot of trees.  One tree won’t offset your carbon footprint for long.  Finding a trustworthy organization to work with to plant trees is essential.


Use Alternative Power

There are a lot of different alternative power sources being theorized by scientists every day, but there are already options available to everyone out there.  Solar power is one of the most common alternative power sources available.  Hydroelectric and wind power are two more sources that you can invest in although both options require more land.


Electric Cars

Part of your carbon footprint can be offset by driving an alternative fuel source car, such as a fully electric car.  These vehicles will not just save you money on gas but will get rid of the output that you had previously.  Alternative fuel vehicles are dropping in price and more options are coming out to extend range and features.


Be Mindful

Think about everything you do and ask yourself does this emit carbon at any stage of the process?  If it does, then ask yourself if there is a way to avoid the carbon emissions or if you have to undertake the activity at all.  Finding alternatives and being open to skipping activities that require carbon emissions will put you a step ahead of the pack.


Hire Eco Friendly Companies

When you have the chance to go green, take it. This is one of the most influential reasons San Diego businesses choose us at Sparkle Freshness. Our eco-friendly and green cleaning is easy on the environment, allows business owners to do their part, and helps keep a clean, toxic free commercial environment.


Mass Transit

If you live too far to bike to work or it is unsafe to do so where you live, consider mass transit.  The one benefit to mass transit is that many people ride on buses or trains and the emissions that are being put out are marginalized because of the number of people they are taking off the road.



Carpooling isn’t just for getting to work.  Whenever you go to hang out with friends you should highly consider carpooling so that you do not have to have a large number of vehicles on the road.  This will help reduce the impact you have on the road but it will also give you more time with your friends.


Be An Advocate

Be an advocate for carbon awareness.  Speak with your bosses and team members at work.  Chances are there are processes at work where carbon emissions can be eliminated without compromising time or quality.  If your bosses need a little more motivation just let them know that customers like a company that is doing their part to preserve the world!


Use Green Materials

Using green materials that don’t only contain green ingredients but are made green is another great step.  Producing products in mass quantity doesn’t just take work it also takes fossil fuels.  By buying green you can help eliminate the mass production plants that poison the atmosphere.  Shopping local also helps you to ensure that your items were made better.

There is a lot that you can do to reduce your carbon footprint.  Most of all it is important to think about your carbon use, though.  Consider whenever you use fuel about whether it is needed.  Be willing to adjust your life and schedule in order to make the planet last longer.

If you are ready to make a switch to a green commercial cleaning company in North County San Diego or surrounding areas, contact us today for a free quote.