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How To Go Green At Home And At Work

Going Green at the office and home with your cleaning is easy

Going Green At Home And The Office Is Easy

Going green is one of the most environmentally conscious things that you can do. Most people know this but think it's too much of a hassle to do so. It isn't, in fact, all it really involves in most cases is changing from one way of doing something to another. In some cases, it may involve changing products that you use but that is an easy thing to do. Here are some steps you can take to go green at home and at work.

Recycle Everything That You Can

One of the most basic steps for going green is to recycle or reuse anything that you can. A large amount of the garbage that people throw out every year can actually be recycled or reused. When you throw out things that can be recycled you are increasing the amount of work and energy that goes into producing replacements.

To help yourself with recycling print out a diagram of what has to be thrown away and what can be recycled and place that by your garbage cans. Also, invest in recycling cans for multiple locations in your home or office to help encourage recycling.

Use Green Cleaners

Using a green cleaner is a must when you want to go green at work or home. Green cleaners let no toxic chemicals out into the environment. These cleaners are also manufactured in responsible ways.

Most workplaces use preset chemicals to clean and do not allow workers to bring in their own cleaning materials. Speak with your management and illustrate the benefits of green cleaners. If they don't buy them for the cleaning staff, at least attempt to get green cleaners you use at home approved to be used in your workspace.

You can also look into hiring an eco friendly commercial cleaner like us at  Sparkle Freshness.


Drive Environmentally Friendly Vehicles

Alternative fuel and electric vehicles have become a huge trend around the world because they emit zero, or near zero, emissions. These vehicles are notorious for being expensive but as they become more popular the average price for them is going down. The cost for fueling them is also less.


Create A Green Committee

Another great way to go green is to create a green committee at work to investigate how the office place could be more eco friendly. There are a lot of ways that you can become green and with the support of your management team, a committee can go a long way. You only need to meet once every other week or so to make changes and analyze those changes.


Educate Your Friends and Co-Workers

A lot of people don't know how to go about being green or even what exactly it means. By educating your friends and family you are bringing more people into the loop. Having a list of websites to recommend to your friends when they inquire can help.

Just make sure that you don't go around forcing being green on people. The number one way to ensure that someone gets a negative view of being green is to force it on them.


Unplug Your Electronics

Unplugging your electronics instead of simply turning them off is a big step in going green. Many of your household electronics use electricity even when they are off. Gaming consoles, for example, use as much energy as an appliance when in the off position because they don't stop sucking power. It improves start up times that way.

Being green at home and work doesn't have to be difficult. Taking these steps are great ways to become eco friendly at home and at work. The most important thing about the process is that you commit to what you decide to do. Otherwise, you spend a lot of time researching stuff for it to come to no avail.

While there are a lot of things you can do, the most important part is to be aware of your options. These are great tips to get you started with going green at home and at work. And remember, if you need an eco friendly and green commercial cleaner, contact us anytime for a free quote on your commercial cleaning services serving North County San Diego and surrounding areas.