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Carpet Cleaning

We use a process called Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning. The carpet is scrubbed with a rotary machine, or a cylindrical brush machine. As the carpet is scrubbed, the soil that was attached to the fiber is released from the carpet fiber into the encapsulation solution. After the carpet dries, the encapsulated soil can be extracted from the carpet during the post-vacuuming process.

Pre-treatment solution will be sprayed on heavily soiled traffic lanes and spots to improve the effectiveness of soil and spot removal. This machine uses a fraction of the water used by traditional extraction units, which minimizes drying time to a matter of an hour or two rather than days. This leaves no chance for that musty odor to develop which sometimes follows traditional extraction cleaning service.
Encapsulation carpet cleaning uses environmentally friendly cleaning product so you don't have to worry about being left with a harsh chemical smell, skin reactions, or danger to small children or pets.

A dirty carpet is the ideal place for bacteria and germs to multiply. You may never notice it but there is deeply embedded dirt and dust under your carpet. Dirt and dusts are the primary causes of most allergies. You can never get rid of carpet dirt and dust through vacuum cleaning alone. Sparkle Freshness is your one stop shop for all your cleaning needs! We can remove years of dirt and build-up from your carpet and you will be able to feel the freshness that comes out of your carpet

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