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6 Big Reasons Why You Should You Hire An Eco Friendly Cleaner

Why you should go green

The term Eco friendly has been thrown around a lot recently.  The term is pretty straight forward; it means environmentally friendly.  One of the first places that people have started to focus on when it comes to being eco friendly is their cleaning.  Hiring a cleaner like us here at Sparkle Freshness, is an eco friendly and incredibly important decision and here are 6 big reasons why.


Your Family Is Important

The number one reason that an eco friendly cleaner is important is your family, you want to protect them and help them to live as long as they possibly can.  Most chemicals and cleaners that hurt the environment also hurt people too.  So by hiring an eco friendly cleaner you are helping to keep your family healthy.  Bad cleaners can cause asthma, allergies, and a wide variety of other medical ailments.  Some of them can even cause new ailments that people had no history of in the past.  The same applies to keeping your place healthy for family and customers.

What you don’t think of is the fact that you will also have more time with your family, friends, coworkers, and/or customers because you won’t be spending a large amount of your time cleaning. 


Eco Friendly Cleaners Know What They Are Doing

Eco friendly cleaners know what they are doing.  The cleaning supplies that are labeled as green or environmentally friendly tend to be harder to come by in some markets and have a higher price point.  A bad cleaning company wouldn’t spend the time arming their crews with the best cleaners on the market if they didn’t have the expertise to keep your property safe and clean.

At Sparkle Freshness, we pride ourselves on only using the highest quality eco friendly products.


Everyone Does Their Part

It may seem like a small thing to do to hire an eco friendly cleaner but it is a piece of a larger puzzle.  If everyone thought that what they were was doing was a small thing and didn't do it for that reason, no one would be green.  When you add up all of the small things, it turns in to one very large thing.  By hiring an eco friendly cleaner you are helping the planet you live on and you are helping that cleaner to keep other people's homes clean too.


Green in All Areas

If you hire an eco friendly cleaner,  they are committed to being green in all areas of their business.  A truly professional green cleaner will treat every part of your home with the same eco friendly approach.  Whether it be your floors, walls, kitchen, or toilet, all of it will be cleaned with the same attention to detail and the same chemical-free approach.  They will want every part of your house to be safe for you and your family.

Commercial green cleaners will want your workplace to be clean for you, your employees, and your customers.


Safer For Cleaners

The people who clean your homes and workplaces sometimes have to go through a lot.  Maybe it is a spill one day or an extra mess from a party the next day.  The work that they go through exposes them to the chemicals they clean with every day.  By hiring green cleaners you know that not only does the company care about your home but they care about the people that work for them. 


Eco Friendly Cleaners Give You Peace of Mind

Many people hire a cleaner to get their home or workplace clean, they don’t think about the peace of mind that a cleaner can give them.  When you use a cleaner you know that none of your spaces will be left un-cleaned.  Cleaners are thorough and have the training that is needed to make your workplace or home clean and safe.   This is multiplied when you have an eco friendly cleaner because you no longer have to worry about what is going around your house to make it shine.

Having an eco friendly cleaner like Sparkle Freshness can make a big difference in your life.  Less worry, cleaner home, commercial or office space, and helps the environment.  How could life get any better?  And don’t worry, with how popular green cleaning has become it isn’t hard to find a cleaner that will keep your home safe from chemicals and environmental hazards.

Ready to go green? Contact us today for a custom quote  from an eco friendly commercial and office cleaning company serving San Diego and surrounding areas.