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5 Cleaning Tips That Will Change Your Life

Green cleaning tips that will change your life

There are a lot of different tips and tricks that people have used for cleaning over the years. A lot of tips that you find on the Internet are untested and can result in no effect or make the process worse. Not all tips from the Internet are bad, though!

These five tips will change your cleaning life and simplify it.

The Magic of Microfiber Cloths

Many people have a lot of different cleaning cloths, one for every area of the house and different ones for different tasks. Besides cleaning the toilet and sink there is one cloth that will handle every task, microfiber cloths are magical in the way that they can handle any task.

Microfiber cloths are also super easy to clean. For basic cleaning, you can run them under warm water and wipe them off with your hand. For heavier cleaning of a microfiber cloth simply soak it for a while in warm water. After the soak is complete wipe off whatever is left with your fingers. Do not put your microfiber cloths through the laundry machine.

Removing Water Rings

Removing water rings have always been a highly debated topic in the cleaning world, there are hundreds of ways that people propose for doing it. One of the best ways to do it is to use a hairdryer to dry out the water rings. Once the rings are gone you can use olive oil to refresh the surface and make it uniform.

Make sure that you use a microfiber cloth before treating the surface in order to make sure there is no debris or dust in the way to interfere with the treatment. There are also eco friendly treatments that you can get for table tops to help prevent water rings from forming in the first place.

Clean With Vinegar

Many people believe that it takes a different chemical cleaner for each job. This isn't true and vinegar is a great example of that. Vinegar can be used to remove residues, loosen stuck on messes, cleaning rust, and more. With vinegar, you can achieve a lot of different tasks with only one main ingredient.

When you add extra ingredients to the water and vinegar such as baking soda you can create green cleaners for a wider variety of tasks from scrubbing to washing. Vinegar and baking soda can also be made into an abrasive cleaner to remove the toughest of messes from places like your sink or stove.

Removing Hair From The Carpet

If you have long hair or a dog you know the pain of having hair getting stuck in the carpet. Using a shower style squeegee can help you remove hair from your carpet. Working in quadrants you can get rid of most, if not all, of the hair from your carpet.

Once you have removed the hair from your carpet make sure you go over it with the vacuum cleaner in order to remove any leftover hair. This will also help to get rid of the more dug in hair that was loosened up by the squeegee.

Remove Oil Stains From Your Garage

Have you ever had oil stains in your garage that you just want to get rid of? It happens to everyone. Coca-Cola is the perfect way to remove these pesky stains. Poor the Coca-Cola on and let it sit for a bit then wipe it off. Depending on the age of the stain it may take multiple tries.

Hose the surface off once you have finished so that all of the remains of both the Coca Cola and the oil are dispersed. If you want to be extra environmentally conscious, make sure that you contain all of the water and dispose of it properly. Hazardous material disposal sites and dumps will have areas for you to dispose of oil soiled rags or paper towels.

Cleaning your house is often seen as a pain but when you use these simple steps it doesn't have to be. Each one of these tips and tricks is designed to help make life easier. You will spend less time cleaning and more time doing what matters.

There are so many tips and tricks that only professional cleaners know and here at Sparkle Freshness, we have several tried and true cleaning tips that will work perfectly, without any of the toxic harsh chemicals other cleaners use.

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